194C8EBC-2E73-4BD2-80F4-BA3A96B42B43Duane Carlson is a vocalist and a singer. When you listen to a song, what are the parts that stand out the most to you? For most the answer would be the vocalist, and the lyrics. The singer is able to touch your soul and your heart with a musical story. Duane utilizes custom made professional backing tracks that are customized for his unique voice. Coming from a company in England, they are specifically made to back up a solo vocalist. These are not your typical karaoke tracks. These tracks are made using professional musicians and bands. The result is an original and clear sound. It’s almost like having a band performing on stage with Duane himself. At one of Duane’s shows people will find themselves dancing and singing along to the wonderful experience that is a Duane Carlson Show. Enjoyment of the music and show will transport the audience to a simpler time, a time when music was meaningful. Quite simply the show itself makes people happy. We guarantee this, it will put an extra special smile on your face, and you’ll live, not just love the performance.

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